Friday, July 2, 2010

L for Let the Crazy Begin!

First things first, lovely reader. I earned an A on my Sociology midterm!!! I am super duper proud of myself. As you know, I wasn’t sure I did all that well on it (partially because it was my first experience with blue book exams). Remember how I was concerned that the instructor would think I was bullshitting her? Well, apparently she didn’t see it that way at all. In fact, in some of the areas I thought I bullshitted the most, she wrote things like “Exactly!” “Yes! Yes! Yes!” “Absolutely!” and “Perfect!” This means I’m getting an A in the class, so hopefully I have a little leeway for the group project, which I don’t think is gonna be great (or even good). Then again, I have been accused of being a pessimist, so I could be totally wrong.

This weekend marks the beginning of the two busiest weeks of my summer. While I would like to be able to say that I’ll spend the long holiday weekend resting and relaxing in order to prepare myself for the hectic schedule ahead, that’s simply not true. I will be spending the weekend finishing the work for the Public Speaking Competency; the writing of the speech in particular. I’m down to the wire now. I’ve put myself in this situation in which I now simply have to force myself to get it done. As long as I pass this competency, I’ll be happy at this point. I just want it done.

Here’s what the next two weeks looks like:

Monday, July 5: The speech project will be done or nearly done. (Hopefully time for a little rest and relaxation?)

Tuesday, July 6: English class starts. This writing intensive course marks the beginning of five weeks of large, time consuming writing assignments.

Wednesday, July 7: Sociology final. (Hopefully I'll do as well as I did on the midterm!) I'm hoping my group will gather after the exam to practice our presentation. There are some group members who seem to think we should meet an hour before class while others of us would prefer to spend that time studying for the final. We’ll see how it plays out.

Thursday, July 8: English class. Cross fingers, wish, hope, and pray that there’s no assignment for at least another week.

Friday, July 9: Catch up on Lifetime Fitness reading and homework. Work on inevitable English homework.

Saturday, July 10: Tie up any loose ends that remain for the Public Speaking Competency. Work on first writing assignment for English. (I just know the first one will have been assigned by now.) Attend cousin’s wedding from late afternoon on, calling it an early night in order to get home and back to working on homework.

Sunday, July 11: Practicing speech. (I hope.) Work on English assignment. Practice for Sociology group presentation.

Monday, July 12: Last day of Sociology class! Group presentation.

Tuesday, July 13: English Class.

Wednesday, July 14: SPEECH!

Thursday, July 15: English Class.

Friday, July 16: Catch up on Lifetime Fitness reading and homework. Begin new English assignment. Celebrate that the two weeks of complete and utter craziness are over. Begin worrying about results of Public Speaking Competency. Work to reconnect with MusicMan, because I will not have seen or spent hardly any quality time with him the whole week.

It’s times like these when I really start questioning what I’ve done. What have I gotten myself into? Do I really have what it takes to do this for three more years?! Then, of course, I remind myself that this will all be worth it in the end. Then, I wonder if social work is really the right path for me; it’s hard work with not much monetary payoff, there’s a quick burnout rate, and sometimes I think I hate people too much to want to try to help them. Then, I spend about a millisecond thinking about quitting it all and taking my life back. Then, I remind myself that this will all be worth it in the end.

It hasn’t even started yet, but I’m already exhausted!! I’ll get through it. Somehow...someway...I will get through it.

Hopefully with most of my sanity still intact!

I’m working on a couple posts that I’m going to try to complete and schedule for the time that I’m away. At the very least, there should be Wayback Wednesday posts both weeks. I’m also working on passing along some blog awards that a couple of my wonderful readers have passed along to me.

For my American readers, I hope you have a wonderful (and safe) holiday weekend!! (Of course, I hope my non-American readers also have a fantastic weekend!)
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  1. It will totally be worth it in the end!!!!!

    Have a great weekend yourself!

  2. OMG, I TOTALLY get you.
    I too am taking classes and last week thought I was going to lose my mind!
    Great job on the A. :)

    Hang in there, in the long and short of things, it will be worth the effort.
    Let me know if you just need to vent.

  3. I can't remember if I already told you that my mum started her degree as a mature student, three years ago: she graduates this summer. Like you, she has a tendency to underestimate the marks she's going to get... I'm sure everything will work out for you. That does sound like one heck of a busy period, though! :)

  4. don't you hate when it's summertime and you STILL don't have time to relax?! absolute bs. but hey- in 13 months, 3 weeks, and 6 days, you'll be done!! congrats on the midterm, by the way. you're a genius!

  5. Oh, hahaha on the lolz pic. Too freakin' adorable!
    Congrats on the A!! I DM'd you on twitter to say hooray:) And can you believe it? That instructor is actually pretty smart after all. Kudos x 100.
    I hate to sound lazy, but if that were my schedule for the next couple of weeks...I'm afraid you'd find me in bed, under the covers & most likely making whimpering sounds.
    But, thank goodness you aren't me, right?
    ♥ & HUGS & Happy 4th!!!

  6. Yikes...what a crazy schedule. But it will be worth it in the end. Take a deep breath and relax and the two weeks will be over before you know it.

  7. I loved the head exploding pic! You're one busy girl there..

  8. Today is the day of your speech! I hope it went well!

    It WILL be worth it in the end. When all of your hard work pays off you'll know you made the right choice. Hang in there!


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