About Me

I am a thirty-something woman who, after years of saying “Someday I'm going to...” and months of agonizing over the decision, decided to return to college. You can call me Elle.  I live in Minnesota with my wonderful husband, whom I'll call MusicMan in this blog.  Our “children” are a Boston Terrier named Lucy and a Pug named Dexter.

I'm a perfectionist at some times, and a completely chaotic, disorganized mess at others. I attribute this to my struggle with depression and anxiety. Some might think I'm crazy, and I'd be inclined to say they're probably right. As a result of a pretty severe patience deficiency, I am easily annoyed. When I get overwhelmed or overtired, I tend to get bitchy cranky.

A traumatic life changing event caused me to reanalyze my whole life, as those things tend to do. After over a decade in the corporate world, I realized I'm tired of sacrificing my soul and my sanity to make other people richer. I was motivated to return to school to make a career change to social work. For now, I continue to work full time at my soul-sucking job in order to pay the bills as I work towards completing my bachelor's degree.

In August 2009, I began classes at a local community college, which I will refer to as Community College in this blog (for obvious reasons and because the TV show is funny and rings a little too true). In August, 2011, I completed my liberal arts Associate of Arts degree. In September, I started my bachelor's in social work. So far, I looooooove social work school and am convinced I've made the right decision.

I realized that returning to school as an adult student is quite a journey, and someday I just might like to look back on it. Thus, this blog was born. Despite being incredibly busy working full time, going to classes full time, and maintaining my marriage and friendships, I am going to try hard to continue to regularly document my everyday life and my journey as a social work student. I’m excited to have you join me, dear reader, as I laugh, cry, scream, and try to maintain my sanity and control any homicidal urges that may pop up along the way.

If you’d like to read even more about me, I recommend the following posts:

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For answers to some common questions, see my FAQ page.
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