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W for Wayback Wednesday (Part 7)

Welcome to another edition of Wayback Wednesday! This series is made up of old blog posts from a few years ago. If you'd like to, you can catch up by reading previous editions first. We’re gonna jump into the Wayback Machine and travel to Saturday, September 9, 2006...


Well, today was quite the day.  Even though I'd gone to bed incredibly late, I woke up pretty early this morning.  I sensed that it was far too early.  I'd set the alarm to be sure that I'd be up in time to get some much-needed cleaning done.  When I glanced at the alarm clock to check the time, I realized the power was out.  Oh, that's just great!  I looked at the cell phone and saw that it was 9 a.m.  Yep; far too early.  I rolled over to go back to bed.  I woke up about an hour later.  I just couldn't sleep even though I was still a little tired.  I was worried that I'd sleep too long and not get my cleaning done.  I got out of bed at around ten.  The power was still out.  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, this is soooooooo not good!

Worse case scenarios started screaming through my head at warp speed:  How long until I get power back?!  What if I don't get it back in time to shower and to get ready to go out with MusicMan tonight?!  Do not tell me I'm going to end up having to cancel a date because I won't be able to do something as simple as bathe!!  I started thinking about how I'd just have to shower in the dark.  Then, I wondered how no power would affect hot water.  Oh god! What if there was no hot water?!  My brain started working in overdrive.  I started thinking about how much water I'd have to boil to take a bath.  I was cursing myself for having not cleaned the bathroom earlier this week.  There's no way I can boil water to take a bath without first boiling water to clean the tub!!  Oh, this is all just so great!  Yeah, I was seriously freaking out.  I thought my head would explode!

(Editorial Note: MusicMan just pointed out to me that I wouldn't have even been able to boil water, because I had an electric stove! Also, hot water heaters typically are gas, so I would've had hot water anyway despite the power loss.)

I decided to get out of bed.  As I sat down to have breakfast, I turned on the TV to catch up on some of my Tivo shows.  Oh, duh, no power.  Right.  So, I grabbed a book and read while eating breakfast.  Deciding that I was still tired, and that there wasn't much I could do with no power, I grabbed my mp3 player and headed back to bed.  I thought I'd listen to some tunes, hopefully lull myself back to sleep, and hopefully wake up a couple hours later (with the help of the cell phone alarm of course) to power.  Just as I was starting to doze off, I heard a really loud noise outside my open bedroom window.  Was it what I hoped it was?!

I jumped out of bed to take a peek, and sure enough, there was the electric company working on restoring the power.  A short while later, the ceiling fan above my bed whirred to life again.  YAAAAY!  Even though I was still tired, I decided I just had to get out of bed to get the cleaning done. I was quite the happy girl when, two hours later, my floors were vacuumed, the bathroom was sparkling, and my bed had clean sheets on it.  Yay, me!

Have I told you before that I sing and dance while I clean?  Yeah, it's my dirty little secret.  I make sure the mp3 player is loaded with a good, eclectic mix of tunes and I sing and dance my heart out while I clean. When I say dancing, know that I have no rhythm, so dancing really means flailing about to my own rhythm.  In fact, if you pictured a gangly but chubby muppet flailing about, it would probably be pretty close to what I’m calling dancing.

I'm sure it looks absolutely ridiculous; but I don't know for sure because I've never had the courage to try it in front of a mirror.  I fear doing that would effectively end my dancing days, so I'll probably never try it.  Anyway, the ridiculous singing and dancing makes the cleaning go by really quickly and also makes it so much more fun.  Of course I'd be absolutely mortified for anyone to actually ever witness this.  I realized after finishing up today that I'd had the patio door and my bedroom window open, which means there is a rare chance that someone at least heard me signing.  I'm sorry for them; I really am, but not enough to stop this silly routine of mine.

I took a shower in my sparkling clean shower and blow dried my hair.  Then, realizing that I was exhausted, I settled onto the couch to take a nap.  MusicMan called at around 5.  We chatted about our weekends a bit and then decided I’d head over to his place when I was finished getting ready for the day (hair, makeup, etc).

I arrived at around 7.  Since he'd had a long day at his family thing, and I'd had a long past couple days of running around, we decided to just stay in.  So, we hung out at his place watching TV, cuddling, talking, and flirting.  Music Man introduced me to Northern Exposure, which I really enjoyed.  After we got Northern-Exposured-out we ended up finding that "our show," Next, was playing a marathon on MTV, so we watched a bunch of episodes.

We got more and more horrified the more we watched.  It truly is a horrendous show! Music Man mentioned once again that it had been a horrible comparison for him to make in that one email.  I said that it gave us our own inside joke, and Music Man pointed out that we have several others as well, which he listed.  Turns out we have at least three really fun inside jokes; however, the “Next joke” is by far the one we use most often.  It works nicely and is fun.

For example, I said once that "Ice, Ice Baby" was one of my favorite songs of all time.  Music Man looked at me horrified, and said, "NEXT!" which indicated that he didn't particularly agree with the love I have for that song.  In all honesty, I don't love the song.  I like it fine, but it's not one of my faves.  So, yeah, we use it a lot and it's a light-hearted way of basically saying, "I hope you're joking."

I wish I could remember exactly how this conversation happened, but I can't.  Music Man said something about me not having to worry about being "nexted" anytime soon and then said that he knew he was the only one that still had to worry about that.  I told him he wasn't going to be “nexted” anytime soon either.  He made me pinky-swear on it, which I thought was too cute.  So, yeah, it would seem that we're going to keep seeing each other for a while with no planned end in sight.  I think it's really cool how the whole conversation played out, and it made me feel really good.

Eventually, we realized that it was 2:30 a.m.  WHAT?!?!?  How'd that happen?!?!?  There’s that time warp again. It always happens when we’re together. It feels like a couple hours have passed, but really it's been double or triple that amount of time.  Crazy!  So, I got ready to leave.  We were standing at the door saying our goodbyes.  Surprisingly, this time it didn't seem too awkward, which was a relief.  We ended up kissing; quite a bit, actually.  And, all I'll tell you is that it was good and I enjoyed it.  A lot.

So, that's all there is to tell, really.  I left there exhausted, but my brain was just buzzing.  I really really like this guy.  (Have I said that?) I really like the way things are progressing.  I feel wonderful about the conversation we had.  In a roundabout way, that was him saying he likes me and he wants us to continue to see each other.  That's awesome!!!  I'm so happy!

I can't wait for everyone else to meet him.  I want everyone else to like him just as much as I do!  It's too early though.  I know that I'll know when it's time to start introducing him to people.  I'm super excited for that.  Well, except the fam; that's going to have to be done in pieces.  I'm not just going to throw him to "the crazies" and leave him to fend for himself.

If I'm being honest, I also have to tell you that I'm scared.  I can't really explain it at the moment, because I really just don't want to focus on it.  I think it's just the differentness of it.  He's like no one I've ever met before.  This whole experience is nothing I've ever experienced before.  I'll say this though: I really like him, and I'm really hoping that things continue to go well.  The scared part, I think, is natural.  I'll get past it.  I know I will.  Baby steps.

Music Man called tonight and we chatted for a bit.  I felt horrible revealing that I'd had a very lazy day.  You know what his response was?  "Well, after how busy you've been lately, you totally deserved it!"  I'm not kidding.  That's what he said.  Oh, he's a keeper!  He filled me in on his shopping trip with his mom.  He told me he was forced to reveal the “secret” of us dating and apologized for having to do so.  I told him there was no reason to apologize and that he was bound to have to explain it sometime.

He didn't reveal many details about the conversation, and I didn't press.  Mom knows about me now, and that's the important information I needed to know.  He's really close to his mom, which I think is extremely cool.  I worry about that though, because it means that it will be important for mom to really like me when (if?) she meets me.  I'm not too worried about it, because I have a pretty good history with moms liking me. Of course, in typical Elle fashion, I'll worry anyway.

We already have plans for this Saturday.  There's a band playing that Music Man wants to go see.  He told me I could join him if I'd like, and I told him that I definitely would.  So, that will be something to look forward to as this long week drags on.

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  1. I love Wayback Wednesdays! I am in awe, actually, because you remember so much. I'm afraid that I don't recall very much of the details of when hubs and I were dating. He remembers more than I do:) Too bad he isn't a writer....
    I'm going to guess that Mama didn't say 'next' after she met you. I bet she loved you!


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