Friday, April 30, 2010

I for I'm Back!

I have been an awful blogger lately, lovely reader, and I apologize for that. I’m thinking of putting myself on a blogging schedule for consistency sake and to allocate specific time for me to write, so hopefully my blogging consistency will improve. We’ll see how that works out.

Duluth was great! The weather was crap—windy, rainy, and cold—but we still managed to have a good time. We felt as though we got to reconnect and relax a little bit, which is always good. We spent the majority of Saturday afternoon/early evening cuddling and napping, which was absolutely awesome and just what we needed! I also got a little homework done, and Music Man had a good time at the gig.

I have a couple awards to claim, which is always exciting! (For me at least; maybe not so much for you.)

Aladdinsane at She Don't Make False Claims bestowed the Beautiful Blogger award on me almost two weeks ago. I apologize, girly, for not getting to this sooner! Thank you so much for the honor!!

I’m supposed to tell you seven things about myself, and then I’m supposed to nominate 15 bloggers that I recently started following and enjoying. First, the seven things:

1.     I am obsessed with chewing gum, specifically sugarless gum. I fall for all of the gum company’s gimmicky tricks. If a new gum is out, and it’s not some sort of berry flavor (because, ewwwwww, fake berry tastes weird and gross), I just have to buy it and try it. I am a gum marketer’s dream. (Also, when I get sick of chewing a piece of gum, eight times out of ten I’ll swallow it. I don’t buy the “it takes seven years to pass” nonsense.)

2.     My dogs eat healthier than I do. We spend an obscene amount of money feeding our dogs a healthy raw diet, but we eat lots of take out and cheap, processed crap. I know I need to do something about my horrible diet (or lack thereof), and I keep saying that I want to try to eat healthier, but I never follow through. I have a seemingly endless supply of excuses. I buy all natural and organic soaps, shampoos, and other personal care products to take care of the outside of my body; I need to start doing the same for the inside as well.

3.     Downtime is very important to me, and when I don’t get it for a while (i.e. a couple weeks ago), I get anxious and crabby. I start to resent and get pissed off at the people around me for demanding my time, which I then feel bad about. Sometimes I feel like I get a little too overwhelmed with life a little too easily. When this happens, I just find people to be exhausting, and I try to hide away from the world as much as possible until my soul feels restored.

4.     I get really irritated when I go out to dinner with someone (or multiple people), and as we’re waiting for the server to come take our order, the person (people) I’m with asks me what I’m going to order. It annoys me to no end! Why do you need to know what I’m ordering?! You’ll find out in a few minutes when I order, so how ‘bout we let it be a surprise?! If I’m out with people I’m not close to or don’t know well (i.e. a work lunch), I get really anxious waiting and wondering if I’m going to be asked what I’ll be ordering. It’s totally irrational how crazy this makes me, but it is seriously one of my biggest pet peeves.

5.     I’m not a warm weather vacation kind of gal, and not for the reason you might think. I truly don’t give a damn about putting on a swimming suit; if people don’t like what I look like, they don’t have to look. I just hate being hot, because being hot usually means being sweaty and sticky, which makes me feel nasty and dirty (and not in a good way). I’m not going to pay money to go on a fancy trip just to be uncomfortable the whole time. This is why I also hate summertime in Minnesota. Sure, the sun is nice, but the heat and humidity can be downright brutal.

6.     I can’t stand when grown adults use words like “nummy” and “icky.” I don’t know why. “Yummy” is fine, but there’s something about “nummy” that really grinds my gears. It’s not rational; I know.

7.     I love bubble (or boba) tea. There’s a place about a one block walk through the skyway from my work called the Tea Garden that gets lots and lots of my money. A thirst quenching fruit iced tea (or tea slush) with tapioca pearls can just make my day. Their sea salt latte (which does not have bubbles and is hot) is also incredible.

Now, for the nominees…

My Life As Jane – She’s witty, funny, and sometimes uses drawings she’s made in Paintbrush to illustrate her posts, which greatly increases the hilarity factor.

Proud 2 B Purple – Squashy’s girl is a childfree (well, mommy to furry “kids”) adult student just like me! Her posts are refreshingly real—very open and honest.

Fumbling Towards Normalcy – I love the name of Shana’s blog. Don’t we all feel, at one time or another, as though we’re fumbling towards normalcy? I know I do!

Anything Fits A Naked Man – Another fantastic blog name. Her blog is always beautifully written and I like that topics vary from funny, to heartwarming, to thought provoking, and everything in between.

Green Monkey Tales – Shannon loves writing and it shows. Like me, she has suffered unimaginable heartbreak, and her tales of her healing process and learning how to live a “new normal” (as I call it) are incredibly moving and inspiring.

I know I only did a third of the required 15, but I’m really feeling a little lazy and a lot brain dead today, and no one ever follows the rules completely anyway.

The second award I received comes from Kathie at Just a Happy Housewife

Isn’t it fantastic?!? Thanks so much, Kathie!! I agree with Kathie; every blog needs a little bling, and I’m super thrilled that she blinged my blog by passing this award to me. I like Kathie’s style:
The only rule for this award is that if you accept it, please don't keep it to yourself.  Please pass this along to others and share the bling!”

This award is just for fun and to say thank you!  Thank you for entertaining, teaching, inspiring and supporting me.  Thank you for all that you contribute to the blogosphere!

I love when the rules are easy! I’m passing this one along to all of the blogs I’ve listed above and:

Kathie said it better than I probably would have. Thank you all for inspiring, teaching, sharing, with, entertaining, and supporting me!! I’m turning comments off on this post so that you can go visit the wonderful bloggers I’ve listed above. As always, if awards aren't your thing, that's totally cool; just know that I enjoy your blog!!

P.S. I’m getting an A in Geology! I have the second highest score in the whole class. I’m gonna spend the weekend studying hard for the final quiz, which is on Monday, so that I’ll cement that A as my final grade. I am beyond excited that Monday is the last Geology class!

P.P.S.  I’ve created a buttons page. You can see it up above (*points to the top of the page*); it’s the one titled “My People!” If you have my button posted on your blog and I’ve somehow missed posting yours, please let me know!
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