Sunday, March 14, 2010

G for Geology (which starts tomorrow!)

Where did the time go?! Geology class starts tomorrow, dear reader! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before or not, but this class will be held at a satellite location. Not satellite as in outer space, unfortunately (because that would be something to look forward to), but as in an off campus location (which I’m sure you already knew). Since I haven’t taken a class at this particular location before, I decided to scope it out earlier this week.

Though I was pretty sure I knew where I needed to go and how to get there, I like to be prepared. So after work on Wednesday, I began my mission. In addition to knowing exactly where I’ll need to go on Monday, I would also be able to figure out approximately how long it takes me to get to the location in rush hour traffic after work.

I arrived at the location in a decent amount of time—about twenty minutes—and it was exactly where I had expected it to be. However, I soon realized that I had picked the wrong day for my mission. Minnesota was experiencing a dense fog on this particular day. As I navigated the streets, it was like driving through a cloud. One that was so heavy and tired that it needed to rest on the ground for a minute, and apparently, said cloud found the twin cities metro area to be quite comfortable. In other words, visibility sucked.

As a result of the cloud’s laziness, I could not see the buildings on this business’ large campus, nor could I determine which of the half dozen driveways and parking lots on the campus would lead to the correct building. A map the school had emailed highlighted a couple designated visitor parking areas, which I determined meant that students were to utilize said parking areas. Tired from a long day of work, and mirroring the cloud’s somnolence, I made no attempt to find them.

Also I didn’t have the map with me, because I’m super smart like that, and I wasn’t in the mood to try to navigate through the traffic created by the max exodus of the business’ employees leaving work for the day. Not that I’m trying to make excuses. (Well, maybe I am. Just a little tiny bit.) So, mission partially accomplished (but mostly not), I headed home. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure out where I need to be relatively quickly tomorrow.

Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the subject matter, I am excited to get back into classes again. My friend, Mel, who’s been in a couple classes with me now, will be suffering through this class with me. Mel had planned on taking two other classes this semester; but, when she found out during a discussion we had in English class that I planned to take Geology this semester, she switched her schedule around at the last minute in order to take it with me. At least now I know that I’ll have a cool, intelligent, and hard working lab partner.

Mondays typically see me exhausted and just wanting to get home, so I’m not a fan of having class on a Monday night. Because of stupid Daylight Savings Time, tomorrow is just about the worst day for class to start. I hate losing an hour of the weekend, and it always takes me a few days to a week to catch up with the time change. I am going to be completely exhausted tomorrow, but it should be okay. I’m banking on the fact that the first class will be mostly administrative stuff—going over the syllabus and all that—so it shouldn’t matter if I’m not as attentive as I could be.

I paged through my textbooks a little bit today as I got my school bag ready to go for tomorrow, and my brief review just confirmed that this class is not going to be a fun one for me. That’s okay, because I know that I’m not going to enjoy every single class I have to take. Though classes are a lot easier when you enjoy them, I’ll get through this. I’m most likely going to have every single second of it, but maybe (hopefully) it will give me some fun stories to tell you, dear reader. I just need to remember that it’s only eight weeks. Hopefully it goes by quickly! Wish me luck!!

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  1. You will be ok. It may surprise you as well. Watch you will end up liking it a lot!
    I always have to scout out where I am going as well!

  2. Visiting from Lady Bloggers! I like how you title your posts :)

  3. Good luck! I know you'll be terrific!! Make us proud!!

  4. When I took geology I was not excited, but I ended up loving it. The instructor invited me to become a geology major. I was flattered, but passed. It really did make me look at my surrounding differently. It had never occurred to me that absolutely everything that we build or make comes from the Earth. I'd just never thought about it before.

    I hope you enjoy the class and at least you'll have a partner you like there.

    Thank you for visiting on my SITs day!

  5. I hope you find something to enjoy in the class. As for off-campus locations... I really didn't like having to go to odd places for lectures! So I feel for you.

  6. I agree with your previous commenters, you may just end up liking the course! Sometimes it is the unknown that makes us uncomfortable. Im sure you will ace it!

  7. You totally remind me of myself - I would have done the exact same thing! I hope you have a great first class!

  8. Here's hoping geology gives you a gigantic surprise in that i's enjoyable! :)

    I'm visiting all the "minority roll callers" from SITS today...thanks for also stating your opinion!

  9. Elle,

    Great blog! I am impressed you made the decision to go back to school. You go girl! What a great perspective.

    Thanks for finding me on the Lady Bloggers site. I'm trying to meet more bloggers like moi! :)

    Take care!

  10. I know what I would have done to get through that class,.. tall, hot chocolate male serving,.. identified the specimen, moved in,.. and well!

    Yep, I think that chocolate can solve all my problems.

    Ps. What is the Lady Bloggers site? I think I used up all my SITs credits,.. I need a new community to terrorize..

  11. I always think it wonderful when people venture out of their comfort zone and their own skin to do something to better themselves.

    You are a braver woman than I and I'm just so darned proud of you, doll.

    I LOVE hearing from you -- you're so real and supportive and kind and intelligent and funny and...and...and...I just adore you!

    Much love and good luck to you on your new class!

    Peace and serenity,

  12. Hope the first day of class was great! :)

  13. dude, i totally thought you would be taking your class in a satellite, orbiting around mars! that would be the only way someone could get me to study hunks of rock...

  14. "I'm super smart like that" Hmm, Elle, another reason I gotta love ya...we're alike!

    Hope all is going well!

  15. Geology sounds like a really cool class to take! I didn't take nearly enough science classes in college, and I regret it now!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  16. I do the same thing! If I know I have to go somewhere that I've not been to, I either make a trial run like the one you described, or I call and get really specific directions. I do it so I won't be late...or lost. Sometimes it helps:)

    Hope you are recovering from daylight savings takes me awhile too, to adjust. The best thing about springing forward is that the sunshine lasts loooonger and I am so ready for long sunny days;)

    How did class go? Is it twice a week? Well, it's Thursday now, so maybe you're one down and only 7 to go! WooHoo!


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