Friday, October 30, 2009

An Introduction

I began classes at a local community college (which I will refer to as Community College in this blog for obvious reasons and because the TV show is funny and rings a little too true) in August, 2009. I am working to complete a liberal arts associate degree in order to transfer to another school to complete a bachelor's degree in social work.  I have an Associate in Applied Science degree in office administration that I received way back after I graduated high school.  That degree is now useless as it's (1) too technical and (2) from a school that chose not to become accredited by Minnesota College and University standards.  I’ve taken three classes to date: Competency Based Education 1 and 2 (required for returning adult students; used to educate adults on how the accelerated program works) and International Cinema.  I realized the other day that this is already quite a journey, and someday I just might like to look back on it.

You can call me Elle.  I am married to a wonderful man I'll call Music Man in this blog.  Our "children" are a Boston Terrier I'll call Wiggly and a Pug I'll call the Monster.  Of course none of these names are real.  I don't know who might stumble upon this little corner of the internet, and I'd prefer to remain as anonymous as possible for now.

Despite being incredibly busy working full time, going to classes part time, and maintaining my marriage and friendships, I am going to try hard to continue to document my journey regularly. I’m excited to have you join me, dear readers, as I laugh, cry, scream, and try to maintain my sanity and control any homicidal urges that may pop up along the way…

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